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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Poetry by Chel

Chel is the best second best friend in the whole wide world. We lost touch with each other for nearly thirty years. We have a lot of catching up to do. This is as good a place as any.  :P

The flowers have bloomed since I last saw you.
Seems many seasons have come and gone, one passing into the next.
But there was a time, oh yes, there was.......
When love was new, like the first breath of spring.
Your smile then, is brazened in my mind and I can recall it as if it was new...



One blue, one brown eye staring longingly at me.
Wishing for a drive, a walk on the beach.
Patient, waiting, waiting.
Never complaining...
My protector, standing guard like a sentry.
Content with the simple things in life.
Always there to listen, accepting who I was without judgement.
He was a part of "you".
The only part I was allowed to have......

We were at peace then.
Me and woman's "best" friend.


Lost for years, living separate lives.
Somewhere hearts are still connected-DESTINY.
Finding a way home...
Through the cloudiness of reality.
To a place where you belong-REALLY your heart!


Miracle in Seattle

Their lives came together, but for a short time...moments....

But they knew.

Was it a special look? A gentle smile?
A longing deep inside both of them that could no longer be denied?

A that time nor distance can erase.

Minutes burned through telephone lines......

Longing, longing......for change, for reassurance, for a fantasy fulfilled.

Is D.C. the answer?

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