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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Danny and Ralph

For some reason I’ve been thinking about Danny and Ralph. Oh maybe it’s because I’ve been talking with Ralph’s little sister on Face Book a lot. That and the fact that I started this blog about relationships and how intense they can be through snapshots like the essays and poetry on this blog.

I never slept with Danny or Ralph, but I believed that they loved me at one time. Each in their own way. I know they found me attractive in a sexual way, but I believed and still do that it was more than that. Strangely I also have a “little girl” portion of me that blames them for not taking care of me. They were the big brothers I never had. They were the guys who took me places when we skipped school. They were my ticket out of being too young to drive. They were who I felt safe being reckless with.

Danny asked me to go with him to South America and start a worm farm. I told him I would. I figured he was kidding, but I would have gone if he wanted me to. It was strange. It was kind of like he was waiting for me to make a move, but he was older and the boy. This became a bit of a running theme for me in relationships. Somehow I find myself leading when I would like to follow, but I know that in some way I prevent my partner from leading. Probably mostly because I refuse to follow. So Danny never came through on the worm farm business and there’s one adventure I managed to miss.


  1. I loved the story you told me about your son and your friend's sons.

    You do think deep and do scoop up the earth from way below,
    Ity was a great ride to hear you go back in time and now this blog.

  2. Thank you. Your encouragement is helpful.

  3. They were the funniest pair and such good friends to each other. One would constantly, deliberately irritate the other and it would be hilarious to watch.

    But there was never a doubt that they were true friends.

    To this day, every time I see Otto, the school bus driver on the Simpsons, I think of Danny.

  4. Right? My first year of High school Drama, I don't think I even had a desk. I was always on one or the other's lap. I got a great view of a really terrific team.