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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gay Boyfriends and other Dynamics

I’ve heard other women talk about their relationships with gay men and it seems to be pretty universally agreed that a gay man is a great companion and a much safer long term commitment than a straight guy. I think we each have our own reasons for finding comfort in our gay boyfriends lives. I mean the obvious is obvious. We have the one thing in common with gay men that straight men will never get. Boy problems!

Of course it’s more complicated than that. It’s not just about the girl talk without the competition. It’s not just that they are safe because there’s no sexual tension in the air. It’s more like they really get the female perspective. They really give a shit about how we think and feel. It’s a very intimate thing. I tell my gay boyfriend things I would never tell a woman. I feel like they understand both the male and female point of view. Also my gay boyfriend has been with his partner longer than me or any of my girlfriends has been able to stay with a guy. So who would you go to for advice?

I was talking with a friend who has a gay son. She has such a great time visiting with him and sharing his life when she can. We were talking about a recent visit she had with him and it dawned on me how perfectly wonderful her relationship with him must be. I thought, “If I could combine the love I have for my son and the love I have for my gay boyfriend, it would be better than Christmas”. I told her I got a glimpse of that and I was jealous. What could be more pure?

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