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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dumb Jocks and Cheap Wine (not so dumb after all)

I dated a in high school jock for a very short time. I was a good friend of his cheerleader girlfriend and I now believe this is why he asked me out. No so much to hurt her as to experience the part of me that was like her. He came off as a very physical guy with not so much going on intellectually. But he had real discipline and persistence and was a real class act in fact. Not as dumb as he looked is an understatement. He didn’t impress with words. He did it with action.

He was very charming and polite. He treated me like I was a delicate flower. he was someone who would have been willing to lead while I followed. This meant the relationship was doomed before it began of course, but  I really enjoyed his company and attention for the short while we dated.

I drove his car one day when he was going to the Atlanta Brave’s stadium for baseball practice. It didn’t matter to him that I had no drivers license or that the seat couldn’t be adjusted so I could comfortably reach the pedals. He trusted me to take his car and do what I wanted until it was time to pick him up a few hours later. I was his girl. I got his keys. I ran several red lights that day.

He bought me a case of strawberry wine when I was house sitting for my older sister. I didn’t know you could buy that much wine retail. It was an impressive showing of affection. He made me feel like he wanted to impress me. Most of the guys I knew weren’t like that. It was the 70s. We were practically adults. But this guy was like the little boy in the school yard trying to impress the girl with the pig tails. Gosh, I hope he’s still like that.

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