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Friday, May 6, 2011

Poems by Chel (Mother's Day 2011)

"The "Son" always shines"   for Travis

Where have you gone?
Seems only yesterday you were holding my hand.
I watched as you rode the merry-go-round, smiling, not a care in the world.

From pre-school to college with the bat of an eye.
From child to man.

I still listen for your voice-your footsteps on the stairs.
I turn and look-it isn't you.
Just the vision of you in my mind.
Your music resonates from the corners of every room.
Filling my heart with the harmonies of life's greatest moments.

I remember......yes, I remember........
And I smile and think......could there be any greater joy?

You are everything I ever imagined.

"Cancer, Courage and Marching Band"   for Marcus

Why does life deal certain people a "bad hand"?
Some have to fold and others make lemonade. NO caffeine.......

Do you think it is the music?
The drive? Because they hear a different beat?

The metronome of life ticking them to move forward?
Continue on?
To repeat to the point of perfection?

Or is it the family?
The camaraderie?
The band?
A focus?
A will so strong that they are mentally and physically there, against all odds?

Perhaps it is all of that and courage, too.
A dream, a goal.

Whatever it is, know that you're my Hero......



  1. i don't want to presume as it would be embarrassing......

  2. Funny comment considering you are Anonymous.